Vaxis Storm 500+

I recently purchased the Vaxis Storm 500+ Wireless Video System. To test out the range and see how it works I took it down to the local running track where I pushed the limits of the unit to see if it lives up to everything it's marketed as.

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100 frames per second on a pocket camera - RX100V

The Sony RX100V is a very small camera but it really does pack a punch. I took a walk with some friends to a hill in Llangollen with some interesting castle ruins. As I had my camera on me I decided to shoot everything at 100fps, mainly to test what the footage looked like properly. I had popped off the odd shot before but nothing substantial. Everything was shot in S Log 2 in HD at the minimum ISO of 1600 and I was surprised by how usable the footage is. It's a little noisy so I'd recommend using the high frame rate functions only in bright situations - on this occasion it was a little dull but I even had to use the cameras built in ND (a superb and possibly my favourite feature of the camera) as the camera is very sensitive to light, it's got a 1 inch sensor in there!

For travel and vlogging I think it's a real contender to be the only camera you need as it shoots great stills and has all sorts of video features - 4K recording, high frame rates, log and cine gamma, built in ND!! It's basically a pocket A7s as the menu structure is all the same, just feels like they swapped the sensor out and put a fixed lens on the front.

Kino Flo Diva-Lite LED

Are the new range of Kino Flo's worth the long term investment or are they more of a hire item for the occasional shoot?

The Extra Shot Video:

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Sony UWP-D11

My radio mic kit works perfectly with the latest and greatest cameras from Sony which have the Multi-Interface hot shoe. They also work pretty well using the XLR connector but you might need to buy a different one as I found there's an issue with the Sony supplied one.

DVX User Thread:

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